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Privacy Policy

What is Personal Data?

Personal data in this sense are all individual details about personal or factual circumstances of a specific or identifiable natural person, such as name, address or e-mail address but also IP addresses.

Who can I contact?

LineTweet is responsible for their services and for the protection of the data. You can reach us at:

LineTweet GmbH
c/o Factory Works GmbH
Lohmühlenstr. 65
12435 Berlin

Fon: +49 151 5060 5969

What are the rights?

You can contact us at any time if you have any questions about your rights regarding data protection or if you wish to exercise any of the following rights:

  • Right to withdraw your consent in accordance with Art. 7 para. 3 GDPR (e.g. you can contact us if you wish to cancel a previously given consent to a newsletter)
  • Right to access your data in accordance with Art. 15 GDPR (e.g. you can contact us if you would like to know what data we have stored about you)
  • Right to correct your data in accordance with Art. 16 GDPR (e.g. you can contact us if your e-mail address has changed and we should replace your old e-mail address)
  • Right to have your data deleted in accordance with Art. 17 GDPR (e.g. you can contact us if you want us to delete certain data that we have stored about you)
  • Right to limit data collection in accordance with Art. 18 GDPR (e.g. you can contact us if you do not want us to use your e-mail address for newsletters, but only to send absolutely necessary e-mails)
  • Right to take your data with you in accordance with Art. 20 GDPR (e.g. you can contact us to receive your data in a zipped format, if you want to upload it to another website)
  • Right to object how your data is handled in accordance with Art. 21 GDPR (e.g. you can contact us if you do not agree with any user analytics procedures as described within this privacy policy)
  • Right to send complaints to the supervisory authority in accordance with Art. 57 para. 1 f GDPR (e.g. you can contact the data protection supervisory authority directly)
If a patient requests information about the data stored about him or her or exercises other such rights, we will assist in answering the request. If a patient contacts the doctor about such a request, the doctor is responsible for answering it.

Deletion of data and storage periods

Unless otherwise stated, we will delete or anonymize all data as soon as it is no longer needed. The data will also be deleted or anonymized automatically if the mandatory storage period expires (e.g. those required by law for payment transactions). Such data may be needed for longer periods of time for legal reasons. You can request information about all personal data we have stored about you.

Visiting our website

If you browse our website, we do not collect any personal data, with the exception of the data that your browser sends to us, e.g.:

  • IP address (e.g. 96.92.316.example or 2a02:7122:8337:1112:bdb2:651f:example)
  • Approximate location based on IP range (e.g. “Luxembourg city”)
  • Internet provider (e.g. “Telecom” or „AT&T“)
  • Internet connection speed (e.g. 100 Mbit)
  • Date and time of visit (e.g. 11:45 on 25.05.2018)
  • Last visited website (e.g.
  • Browser and version (e.g. Chrome v65 or Safari 11.1)
  • Operating system (e.g. Mac OS)
  • Hardware (e.g. Intel processor)

As a safeguard to protect your privacy, we delete or anonymize your IP address after your visit. Therefore, all other data possibly attached to it can no longer be traced back to you. It will only serve anonymous and statistical purposes to optimize our website. The purpose of temporarily storing this data is necessary to establish a connection as well as loading our website the way it was designed to. Such data is therefore required to display the website on your screen, to avoid display problems and other technical error messages. The legal basis for EU visitors is the legitimate interest in accordance with the European data protection requirements under Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR. In addition, we apply the aforementioned safeguards to protect your data.

Opening an account

In order to create an account it is necessary to enter the address of the medical practice and a telephone number. In addition, the login happens via the e-mail address and a self-chosen password.

The data will be deleted immediately after the end of use.

Patients Data

To be able to use the service and give the patient a digital waiting number, the following data must be entered:

  • name of the patient (an alias can also be entered)

Furthermore, optional details can be entered in the comment field. In accordance with the principle of data minimization, we recommend that you should enter as little personal data as possible and ideally no special categories of data.

Furthermore, optionally the patient‘s mobile phone number can be entered. The only purpose is the real-time notification about service start at the doctor‘s office and the transmission of personal waiting number and the link to see the real-time status of the waiting line.

Data storage location

The data are stored in Google Firebase with location Germany in encrypted form.


We use cookies on our website. Cookies are small text files that are usually stored in a folder from your browser. Cookies contain information about the current or last visit to our website:

If cookies do not contain an exact expiration date, they are stored only temporarily and are automatically deleted as soon as you close your browser or restart your device. Cookies with an expiration date will still be stored even when you close your browser or restart your device. Such cookies will not be deleted until the specified date or if you delete them manually.

We use the following three types of cookies on our website:

  • required cookies (cookies that are required, e.g. to display the website correctly for you and to store certain settings temporarily)
  • functional and performance-related cookies (cookies that help us improve our website, e.g. to evaluate technical data of your visit and avoid error messages)
  • advertising and analytics cookies (cookies that provide analytics and personalized ads, e.g. advertising for shoes is displayed if you have previously searched for shoes)

You can configure, block and delete cookies in your browser settings. If you delete all cookies from our website, some functions of the website may not be displayed correctly.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts ( from Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA ("Google"), a font collection from Google, are used to visually improve the typeface. These fonts are transferred to your browser's storage folder and activated when you visit this website or other websites. If this is not supported, the text on the web page is displayed in a standard font only. To enable this, a request is sent to domains such as or, which for technical reasons contains your IP address. However, your data will not be merged with other data or traced back to you personally.

As a safeguard to protect your privacy,, we have ensured that by accessing the Google font collection, the data will not be merged with other Google offers, e.g. if you have a Google user account. English information on data protection at Google Fonts confirms this ( In addition, the high security standards of the Google platform and the associated data protection declaration of Google ( apply. As Google is based in the USA and thus in a so-called third country, further guarantees are required to ensure an appropriate European level of data protection. Google has been certified under the so-called EU-US Privacy Shield and has thus demonstrated an appropriate level of data protection (

The purpose of the data transmission is the correct representation of the fonts in the form set by us. The IP address is required to connect to Google's servers to download the font collection if it is not already stored on the device. The legal basis is the so-called legitimate interest, which has been examined in order to pursue the purpose and within the framework of the aforementioned protective measures and in accordance with the European data protection requirements under Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA ("Google"). Google Analytics uses the advertising and analytics cookies described above to analyze our website with regard to your usage behavior. The information generated by these cookies is transferred to a Google server in the USA and stored there. However, your IP address is shortened before the usage statistics are evaluated, so that no direct connection to you as a person can be made. For this purpose, we use the "anonymizeIp" function to ensure anonymous collection of IP addresses. Google will use the anonymous information collected by the cookies to evaluate the usage of the website and to compile reports on website activity. Google may also transfer this information to third parties if this is required by law or if third parties process this data on behalf of Google.

You can also configure your browser to refuse cookies, or you can prevent Google from collecting and analyzing the data by downloading and installing a browser plug-in ( from Google. As an alternative to the browser add-on or within browsers on mobile devices, you can set an opt-out cookie to prevent future collection by Google Analytics within this website (the opt-out only works in the browser and only for this domain). If you delete your cookies in this browser, you must click this link again.

As a safeguard to protect your privacy, we use the anonymisation feature offered by Google as mentioned above, whereas analytics are not based on you as a person, but only on a statistical basis. In addition, the high security standards of the Google platform and its data privacy policy apply ( We have also concluded a special data protection agreement with Google, which ensures to protect your data through technical and organizational security measures. Since Google is based in the USA and thus in a third country, further safeguards are required to ensure that your data is protected in accordance with a European level of data protection. Google has been certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield and has thus demonstrated a sufficient level of data protection ( The purpose of the use of Google Analytics is to (anonymously) analyze usage behavior of our websites. The information collected helps us to improve our websites and games. The legal basis is your Consent. In addition, a data processing agreement was concluded in accordance with the requirements of Art. 28 GDPR.

Goolge reCaptcha

We use on our website the service reCAPTCHA of Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA; "Google"). This serves the purpose of distinguishing between input by a human being or by automated, machine processing. In the background, Google collects and analyses usage data, which is used by Invisible reCaptcha to distinguish regular users from bots. For this purpose your input is transmitted to Google and used there. In addition, the IP address and any other data required by Google for the service reCAPTCHA are transmitted to Google. This data is processed by Google within the European Union and possibly also to the USA. For data processing in the USA, Google has certified itself in accordance with the US-EU data protection agreement "Privacy Shield" and has thus undertaken to comply with European data protection regulations. The processing is carried out on the basis of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR out of the legitimate interest of protecting our website from automated spying, abuse and SPAM. Further information on Google reCAPTCHA and the corresponding data protection declaration can be found at and

Last update of the privacy policy: March 2020